Developed nations are facing a shortage of workers. As pandemic restrictions have been eased, demand for goods and services has picked up, but the supply of workers remains flat

Talent shortages are a challenge faced by over 80% of companies globally. Furthermore, 87% of global employers acknowledge that they currently struggle with skills gap issues oranticipate doing so within the next few years.

In the UK, US and EU, available jobs have increased to match or exceed the availability of people. British Chambers of Commerce reported that recruitment was more difficult than ever: almost 66% companies wanted to hire people, but 80% said that finding qualified workers was difficult.

Companies predict that 44% of employees’ skills will be disrupted in the next five years due to the rapid growth of AI solutions, expansion of the green economy, and health-related concerns. By 2025, according to the World Economic Forum 85 million jobs will be lost and 97 million new jobs will be created. Half of the workforce will need to undergo reskilling.

Helprise provides an effective solution to these challenges by offering unlimited access to the world’s second most popular location for business services, second only to India.

Over 20 years of experience in the BPO/SSC sector in Poland has resulted in the establishment of over 1,800 business service centers, which generated an estimated export value of $30 billion by the end of 2022. Employment in the sector has been growing at an 8% YoY rate and by the end of the first quarter of 2023, it exceeded 435,300 people. Importantly, we observe a consistent increase the importance of knowledge-based processes, which already account for 56.9% according to the ABSL 2023 report.

Thanks to our unique EVP at Helprise, we are effective in attracting the best specialists and experts, whose knowledge and competencies strongly support the realization of our clients’ business ambitions. The speed and accuracy of our actions (with a 90% hit rate) ensure the continuity of our clients’ processes and growth.