Understanding an organization’s current configuration is essential to designing a new operating model or enhancing an existing one. Using our methodology, rooted in industry best practices, we can create and implement a customized target operating model (TOM) that aligns with specific business needs. This process involves various steps, from identifying transition opportunities to designing processes and a target technology architecture that provide us with a competitive advantage.

With a comprehensive understanding of the current configuration, including risks and inefficiencies, and a shared vision of the target operating model and required technology, we help assess the feasibility of starting the business transformation journey.

Business Services Design and Set up

We use our local market expertise to help clients find the right location and establish a legal entity. We tailor organizational structures and job profiles based on client business requirements. Our recruitment practices and employer branding campaigns help find ideal candidates with top competencies. 

We leverage industry knowledge to define service catalogs and governance structures, including SLAs and KPIs. This ensures high-quality and cost-effective service delivery. We also assist in creating training, onboarding, backup, and business continuity plans.

Process Excellence Deployment

We analyze your processes, document them, and create a knowledge repository. Using Lean & 6Sigma methods, we enhance your business efficiency what will prepare you for automation or centralization. We streamline and simplify your processes to free up your internal capacity for more valuable tasks, satisfying clients and engaging colleagues. We are also capable to identify and implement the right technology for your processes, from simple workflows to complex IT systems. Our experts make the most of cost-effective solutions like MS 365 for smart automation.

Transition to Business Center

We assist clients in assessing process transfer potential to their Business Center, a critical component of their Target Operating Model. Using our process walkthrough methodology, we define the service catalog, FTE transfer baseline, IT dependencies, and transition project scope. Our methodology, based on industry best practices and our experience, covers stages from identifying transfer opportunities to executing the transition and achieving operational stability.

We provide a capable team for transition projects, including Transition Managers, PMO support, Process Architects, and IT Experts. During the transition, we help clients define future processes, identify improvements, and align them with current requirements. Our ultimate goal is to establish high-performing operations in the new setup with effective metrics and governance for operational excellence within the transitioned processes